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Each of our services will be covered in greater detail in their dedicated sections, but are briefly summarised here as follows:

Strategy consulting
Most businesses from time to time require external assistance in order to bring fresh ideas and the benefits of a more objective view, supported by specialist knowledge of the external market and experience of managing major strategic projects.

Our consulting service is based on exceptional experience in the wealth management sector which is continually updated by ongoing research to keep our knowledge and insights at the forefront of market trends. Our approach is flexible and practical and we use our knowledge to deliver recommendations which are realistic and actionable, minimising the need for additional research.

Market research
Too many wealth management projects have been launched on the basis of fragmented and misleading market data and we are aware that institutions now require investment decisions to be based on more comprehensive analysis. Through our extensive knowledge and existing database, supported by a dedicated research function, we have exceptional ability to bring together all the relevant research to support a specific decision.

Client Research
Relationship managers rarely provide adequate feedback of changing client needs, attitudes and behaviours. Equally, paper based surveys can provide highly misleading results, unless they are supported by 'in depth interviews' with clients and introducers, conducted by specialists with intimate knowledge of the sector.

We have exceptional experience of such 'in depth surveys' and are able to provide a team of specialist interviewers, which general research houses find difficult to match.

Client segmentation
As the range of client choice increases, wealth managers are increasingly under pressure to define more explicitly the segments which they seek to serve, not only in terms of wealth levels, but in terms of their attitudes, behaviours and buying habits.

This can be a complex, but rewarding task and we have developed an approach based on years of successful experience in segmentation and niche marketing.

Brand positioning
Increasing competition has highlighted the need to develop distinctive brands which convey quite specific messages to their target audiences.

We apply our deep understanding of the sector to ensure creative, brand strategies and market positioning, consistent with the overall business plan. We work alongside other agencies to implement brand strategy and help design marketing communications.

Relationship management
Relationship management is core to the wealth management proposition, but is often ill defined, lacking in tangible benefits and unsupported by appropriate tools, structures and processes. Rather than focusing purely on technology solutions, we provide an integrated approach to client relationship management, covering all aspects from job definition and internal structures, to training, communications and support systems.

Change management
Many wealth managers recognise the need for fundamental cultural change, to meet the challenges of the evolving market.

Our approach involves building consistent understanding of the behavioural changes required across the organisation, addressing the genuine concerns of individuals at every level. We also provide the necessary support and training to ensure that the changing culture is reflected in the decisions and behaviour of the leadership team.

Strategic diligence
Many wealth managers seek acquisitions as a platform for the development of new markets and new services. However, without deep understanding of sector, most investment banks and accounting firms have limited ability to assess the strategic fit. We are able to respond extremely rapidly and apply our existing knowledge and experience to appraising whether the target can realistically meet the strategic expectations, over what time frame and at what cost.

Organisational Development
Maximising the potential of key staff is paramount to the success and long term future of all organisations. We recognise the need in today's market for all solutions to have both a business focus and deliver business benefits. We can offer advice and assistance in designing integrated development programmes, executive coaching, personality profiling and assessment/development techniques.