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Question Segmentation is a great theory, but how can it be applied to a sector where clients have to be treated as individuals?
Answer By designing it to attract clients rather than to corrall or exclude them, through greater understanding of specialist needs, more investment in relevant products and services and more effective communication.
Question Are there any examples of successful segmentation in the wealth management sector?
Answer Yes, historically, a number of highly successful wealth managers have been founded on a platform of clearly defined market segments. More recently, many well established wealth managers have found segmentation and niche marketing the most effective means of accelerating business growth.
Question Why does increasing competition make segmentation more important?
Answer Because clients and introducers are being approached by so many potential providers, that without a distinctive message to a defined audience, it will be difficult to get a hearing.
Question Does segmentation mean exiting certain sectors, leading to short term loss of revenue?
Answer Sometimes yes, but this revenue should be rapidly replaced from increased growth in target secors. More frequently it means sectors get de-prioritsed for investment purposes and the main reason to exit altogether is if adequate service standards cannot be maintained without a level of investment which cannot be justified.
Question How do you add value to the segmentation exercise?
Answer By applying a methodical process which has been tried and tested, and by bringing a wealth of experience and market knowledge to ensure the arguments are fully explored .